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Originally Posted by turkulad View Post
And I have to admit, overpass, that you raise a valid point. This might be a thing I must rewrite. Since I think there's still a weird oxymoron with the way patriotism is present with the stereotype to an excess, but this might just the flabbergasted me, who was dumbstruck with the amount of military-related topics on HNIC once watching it became a routine in Canada. But maybe the Summit Series and its violence is something I might have to focus on with an additional chapter. I will get back to this. Thanks for the notice.
I believe the military topics on HNIC are in large part due to the influence of Don Cherry. Others who remember more of HNIC's history may be able to give a better opinion.

It is unusual within a Canadian context. I can see how it would be jarring to Europeans. It would probably seem more normal to Americans.

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