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Originally Posted by steve141 View Post
Larionov was a defensive forward even in Russia.

Despite this, he has the 26th most points of all time in the NHL counting from age 29 and up. Other contemporaries who have less career points after they turned 29:


I realize that this stat is a bit obscure, but it at least demonstates that he could hold his own without the Green Unit.

(No I am not claiming that he was a better player past 29 than Jaromir Jagr. I'm only using this stat to demonstrate that people often over-estimate the offensive production star players have in the later half of their career. Many people hold the 30+ Green Unit players up to a standard very few players have reached past 30.)
First, I believe people are proposing Larionov was a top 30 player of all-time. Using a metric in his favor that shows him to possibly be barely a top 30 forward isn't exactly overwhelming evidence.

Second, the only contemporaries behind him that are top 30 players are Jagr and possibly Yzerman. Let's look at those two in comparison to Larionov:

- Larionov turned 29 in Dec. '89. If you counted that season as age 30, that alone puts him behind Yzerman.
- Larionov's post-age 29 period includes the early '90s which were higher scoring than later years, while Yzerman's starts in '95 and Jagr's in '02
- Larionov's NHL bests are 21 adjusted goals and 71 adj. points
- Yzerman scored an avg. of 43 points before/after the recent lockout, which would be enough on its own to pass Larionov
- Yzerman had 7 post-29 seasons of at least 21 adj. goals and 5 of at least 79 adj. points
- Jagr scored an avg. of 99 points before/after the '05 lockout, which is easily enough to pass Larionov
- Jagr has 7/7 post-29 seasons of at least 21 adj. goals and 6/7 of at least 77 adj. points
- Jagr spent 3 years in the KHL and is still playing

Larionov was 43 when he retired. This hardly suggests he was broken down by the red army system. I don't see anything from Larionov's NHL career to suggest he was anything close to a top 30 player, or even a top 30 forward, even if he started his NHL career much earlier.

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