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Originally Posted by HighLifeMan View Post
I simply cant agree with that whatsoever from a Flames perspective.

Jay Bouwmeester >> Kyle Quincey (not really debatable in my mind)
Quincey has a PPG of .3696 versus Bouwmeester's of .3975. That's not a substantial difference. Quincey's career +/- is far better than that of Bouwmeester. Quincey hits more and blocks as many shots. And while he's not as good a skater as Bouwmeester, he's not very far behind.

Bouwmeester is the better of the two, but not by a big margin.

Jiri Hudler > Johan Franzen (This is debatable)
I understand Hulder was let go by the Redwings, but I personally would not trade him straight up for the older, similiarily productive forward. The biggest strike against Franzen is that he is signed to an astonishingly unattractive contract.(8 more years @ 3.925M ).
I believe I speak for most Red Wings fans (do not listen to eva; he is very possibly the world's most ardent Hudler fan) when I say that Jiri Hudler is often a very frustrating player to watch. He is entirely one dimensional, a complete liability when not in the offensive zone; he's small and not especially strong, so others must do most of the work in the offensive zone for him; he's easily knocked off the puck; he's a bad skater, with average speed and horrendous acceleration; he often passes when he should shoot; he doesn't even try to hit; he's by no means above laziness on the ice; and he has a habit of taking ridiculous penalties in the offensive zone.

In sum, Hudler is only useful if you put him on the ice in the proper situations, and with linemates who do most of the work in the offensive zone and can compensate for his poor skating and for his ineptitude in the defensive zone. Back in the day, he played a scrappy, energetic style that helped compensate for some of his failings, but he apparently jettisoned that when he went to Russia. It hasn't come back. Whatever the case, very few people on LGW were sorry to see him go.

Franzen has good hands, a great shot, and a fairly good pass, and he's large, good at skating, and has a lot of talent. The guy's biggest problem is that he's often very lazy. He could almost certainly score 40+ goals if he put forth the requisite effort in every game. As is, he floats his way to 30 goals per season. His contract is long, yes, but it's very worth it for the time being. Of course, I don't want to trade Franzen for Hudler.

Gustav Nyquist > Anton Babchuk
Tough to say. It's apples vs oranges in almost every sense.

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