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Originally Posted by Rangediddy View Post
I think this Lidstrom argument just needs to be cleared up a bit... I think what Crymson's trying to say is this:

Lidstrom was given to the hockey world by the hockey gods, not to be thought of as exceptional, but to be thought of AS a god. And as a god, no mortal should be compared to him.

If Lidstrom becomes the best ever at stick checks, no other man shall be compared to him on the basis of stick checking... because he would then be compared to Lidstrom.

If Lidstrom were to make every pass out of the zone perfect, no other man who makes most passes out of the zone perfect shall be compared to him on that basis... because he would then be compared to Lidstrom.

Any attribute Lidstrom possesses should not be used to compare him to any other man... because that man would then be compared to Lidstrom.

That right Crymson? I think I added a bit of clarification here... you shouldn't see anyone comparing J-Bo to Lidstrom again... lest they be smited.
No. I don't feel that they have similar styles. As I have said, very few defensemen emulate Lidstrom's style, and even fewer do it with any measure of success. Bouwmeester isn't in either category. OEL is an example of someone who plays successfully with a similar style.

There's no need for me to claim that Lidstrom was a defenseman vastly superior to Bouwmeester; it's a statement that everyone agrees with already. And it isn't one that reflects poorly on Bouwmeester.

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