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Originally Posted by hockeyball View Post
They made zero sense, literally. The old endings had massive, massive plot holes. If you like them then frankly you are the kind of person that doesn't pay much attention to continuity. Not insulting you or anything, a lot of people don't get wrapped up in the details, but a lot of us do, and the details of that ending were completely non existent.

Without the knowledge of the extended endings, answer these questions:

1) How did your squad mates get from being on earth to the Normandy while Harbinger was sitting there blasting the crap out of everyone. Add in the "Everyone is dead!" comments as well (because I think he would have noticed the Normandy suddenly landing and picking up survivors). This was all fixed in the extended version.

2) How did Anderson get on the Citadel if "everyone is dead!"? How did he get past you, in a hallway that clearly has no alternate paths, without seeing you? Not really fixed still, but I guess they are going with the 'walls are moving' comment, even though we never see walls moving...

3) If you destroy the mass relays, didn't you just strand a gigantic portion of the galaxies population in our solar system with no hope of ever returning home? Fixed in the extended cut.

4) It's cute that the Normandy crash lands on a nice looking planet, but the game went out of its way to make it clear that dextro-DNA based lifeforms (Tali, Garrus) cannot consume carbon based life, and vice versa. So basically you just doomed Tali and Garrus (both possible love interests, and popular ones) to starving to death while watching their friends eat. Nice. Fixed in the extended cut.

5) You spent 3 games building up a massive galactic fleet to battle the Reapers only to have it make no difference what-so-ever in the ending. You are not given any unique choices, any extra options or dialogue, nothing. The only different is if you do the bare minimum you don't get the synthesis ending (space magic) which really doesn't make a lot of sense anyway (takes away peoples right to choose, sure seems similar to indoctrination) plus, space magic.

6) The Starchild. Introducing a new character at the 11th hour to attempt to explain all the inconsistencies you created by firing the lead writer and changing the path of the story is a cheap cop-out. It doesn't even make a lot of sense, if the Starchild has been on the citadel all this time, why didn't he just activate the damn relay in the 1st game? It only makes sense if it was another Reaper trick, which is somewhat supported by his voice changing to Harbingers when you reject his options in the extended ending, but still then why did he even offer you those choices?

I could go on, for quite awhile actually, the ending was god awful. It answered long standing questions with vague and completely unrealistic answers. It did not reward you for your dedication and hard work, it did not provide a 'variety' of endings based on your decisions throughout the game. It was, frankly, one of the worst endings in video game history (relative to the quality of the game before it). The extended versions made it better, but I still think they could have done much, much better.
To start I have been a fan of Bioware since the original Baldur's Gate and Mass Effect is one of my all time favorite game series, so believe me when I say that that I take the story very seriously. The continuity of Mass Effect is important but the meaning of the game as a work of art is the crux of the matter. I would go into detail on each of your notes but I need to be getting back to work making art, the nitpicks are noted but seem a bit anal to me.

This is a fairly good review of the endings in my opinion.

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