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08-09-2012, 01:00 PM
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Originally Posted by PredsV82 View Post
this logic is why we have so many stupid lawsuits... people file claims against someone with deep pockets and/or insurance(which I am sure the preds have) because in most cases its easier and cheaper just to write a check than defend yourself in court.

If the guy was sent there by his radio station and more specifically, if he was on the clock while doing it, then he should be covered under Workmans Comp. WC may be the ones driving this suit if they feel the Preds were negligent... lawsuits usually take years to play out, so unless the preds decide to setlle, this will take a while..
EXACTLY ... I've tried to stay out of this conversation but just can't ...

I hate that the guy got hurt; but, I'm sure he was made aware of the inherent risk to what he was doing. He likely even signed a release. This is a WC issue ... Sure, you can sue anyone for anything (not that you will win of course) but I'm of a mind towards "personal responsibility."

Totally agree with Voldy here ... THIS is the kind of stuff that causes insurance rates to be so high ... frivolous lawsuits. If this is a radio station stunt/promo, the station should be responsible through WC and he's responsible for the rest.

But ... the Preds will likely pay him off.

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