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08-09-2012, 02:24 PM
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Or maybe he just wants to pay his medical bills since he likely doesn't earn much as a personality on a radio show?

This isn't a frivolous lawsuit. A frivolous lawsuit is one that has no purpose. If he legitimately hurt himself and has actual medical bills then it actually serves a purpose. In fact, if this were a frivolous lawsuit he would be asking for a much higher dollar amount, and there would be little chance of him winning. This lawsuit is likely to be settled out of Court. I'm just not seeing why anyone has an issue here, but to each their own

FWIW, willfully engaging in an activity that could potentially result in injury isn't enough. The Predators have to do everything they reasonably can to make sure that everyone is safe.

I have a friend who has two ponds on his property. If a child were to wander on to his property, fall into the pond and drown then the parents would be able to sue for wrongful death. The kid was obviously trespassing, but it doesn't matter. The parents would win some sort compensation. For that reason my friend has a locked gate. The point is sometimes the law doesn't really make sense, but it's still the law.

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