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Originally Posted by KirbyDots View Post
To start I have been a fan of Bioware since the original Baldur's Gate and Mass Effect is one of my all time favorite game series, so believe me when I say that that I take the story very seriously. The continuity of Mass Effect is important but the meaning of the game as a work of art is the crux of the matter. I would go into detail on each of your notes but I need to be getting back to work making art, the nitpicks are noted but seem a bit anal to me.

This is a fairly good review of the endings in my opinion.
I find the 'game as a work of art' argument to be pretty weak, considering the person that laid out the plot for the series was let go and a couple of producers (non artists) rewrote the ending based on direction from EA. The original purpose for the reapers had nothing to do with synthetics (which makes little sense since the Reapers ARE synthetics), it had to do with dark energy. Supposedly dark energy was slowly destroying the galaxy and the Reapers were created to solve the problem in some way. This is why in ME1 and 2 we had all the talk about suns collapsing prematurely, etc.

The fact is the end of the game did little to answer any questions the game had asked, did not present itself in a consistent (with the rest of the story) or intelligible way, and from an artistic perspective was extremely shallow and trite.

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