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Originally Posted by Haute Couturier View Post
You are looking at a one year sample size. Just maybe last year was an anomaly for him, but you refuse to even look at the possibility.

I don't disagree that he is a complimentary defensman. I've always said he is a good #3. The problem is do the Flyers have 3 defenders better than him? In my opinion they do not.

I don't think his contract is ideal (too long), but I don't think the money is that bad because contracts rise as the cap rises. Player values have been distorted lately because the cap hit of elite players has remained stagnant due to these frontloaded deals. So people panic when the prices for mid level talent keeps rising, but the problem is really these bogus frontloaded deals are distorting everything.

That said, for me the question isn't should the Flyers have handed him that deal. The question is should the Flyers have tried harder to get him signed at a lower price? I think the Flyers made a mistake chasing Suter and Parise with high risk deals instead of re-signing their free agents to lower risk team friendly deals. Suter is not that much of an upgrade to justify a 12 year risk at a tremendous cap hit. Holmgren didn't screw up when he failed to match Tampa's offer. He screwed up on day one chasing a pipedream when it was widely reported he didn't want to play in a market like Philly.
I don't know that Carle was willing to take the lower price. The market was thin, and Dmen were getting paid. I'm not gonna worry to much about the org's negotiations with him, especially since we don't know how they unfolded. Perhaps Homer did try to get him; if he balked at TB's offer, I don't blame him. I think matching that is a mistake.

I don't consider last year an anomaly, no. If Carle had a down year while playing next to Pronger, then it could be; same circumstances, oddly different results. However, this year was very different for him, and we saw the result This coming season wouldn't have brought a return to normal circumstances, because Pronger remains out; there's little reason as things stand to believe there would be a drastic turnaround. Anchoring his own pairing instead of complementing Pronger is a huge change, and accounts for the drop in offensive numbers IMO. I think he would continue to be less effective as long as he was playing in a role he doesn't quite fit.

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