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08-09-2012, 03:58 PM
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Originally Posted by ODAAT View Post
I never thought they would hit rock bottom the way they did (merely Bruin bias and my inability to accept the franchise was an incredible joke). I`m glad they did, hitting rock bottom, staring at literally thousands of empty seats at his arena forced the hand of JJ it seems.

Like Sinden, Jacobs well earns the heat/hatred/dislike/frustration that the fans of this team heaved at him, to his credit, as you mentioned, it finally clicked in that what this team needed was to bring in the right people who could help build that relationship back up between the Bruins and the fans, focus on putting a solid product on the ice that would be competitive on a yearly basis and not sell off, alienate, underpay/overpay solid players, for that, I`ll give the Jacobs family a big thumbs up.

I can only imagine those here who shelled out their hard earned dollars year in and out only to be force fed mediocrity (if that) for far too long, I know how frustrated I was and I`m just a guy who made 3-4 trips to Boston yearly to catch Bruin games, and it was so difficult to sit in the TD and see all those seats unoccupied, a team who wasn`t competitive, and Mngt/Ownership who gave the impression that all was well.

This team/organization may not be perfect, but man are things so much more positive these days, and for that, I`m grateful, Hockey is my winter escape from real life, thankfully, the team I support has been worth watching in the last few years

Agreed on all fronts.

It's *still* weird to me that they actually won the Cup. It's like a dream. That they are a respectable franchise again that play BOSTON BRUINS HOCKEY "as we know it, as we prefer it" is so heartening.

I suppose it's sour grapes but after all of those years in the wilderness, the ubiquitous B's swag among pink hat band-wagon types the summer of '11 was tough to take.

I remember the days -- not that long ago -- when encountering a Bruins fan around town was like a secret handshake.

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