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08-09-2012, 05:18 PM
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So I know the plan as of now is to shut down Strasburg pretty soon. What I had always assumed that meant was that Stras would be shut down for the remainder of the regular season, but would be reinserted into the rotation when/if we make the playoffs. When I was listening to 106.7 today, however, Chad Dukes said something along the lines of "if this team were to lose a 7-game series with Strasburg sitting on the bench healhty...", as though it were a fact that Strasburg won't see a postseason start. I had never even considered the possibility that Strasburg wouldn't be pitching in the playoffs should we get there. Does anyone know if that is really the plan, that Strasburg will not be pitching again this year after he's shut down, postseason or not, or was Dukes talking out of his ass?

Personally, I would think it inexcusable to sit a healthy Strasburg with this team having a real shot at making a deep run in the postseason. If the only excuse for not playing him is "well, he might get hurt" then I don't think that cuts it. You can't count on the Nats of next season or any season beyond playing as well as they have this year and a chance at a World Series title is the kind of thing that may well only happen once in a player's career. I don't think the argument can be made for leaving a guy who is arguably the best starting pitcher in the game on the bench should this team make the playoffs.

In regard to the post above: How in the world can BA be a worthless stat? What better indicator of a guy's ability to consistently record hits is there? Sure, BA over a small sample isn't a great indicator of ability, but over the course of a season the guys who can hit are going to have good BAs (for the sake of argument let's say >.250) and the ones who can't are not going to have strong BAs (<.225). I've never heard someone argue that BA is meaningless.

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