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08-09-2012, 04:26 PM
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Originally Posted by Feed Me A Stray Cat View Post
Seems like a good evaluation. His true talent probably lies somewhere in the middle, a 15-20 goal scorer who isn't a sieve in his own end.

In case anyone is interested, some advanced stats (numbers in parentheses is Butler's rank among OTT forwards who played 20+ games):

QualComp: -0.293 (10/15)
Corsi Rel: 3.5 (6/15)
Pen. Drawn/60: 0.7 (8/15)
Off. Zone Start: 56.1% (7/15)

QualComp: 0.478 (5/13)
Corsi Rel: 2.1 (8/13)
Pen. Drawn/60: 0.6 (12/13)
Off. Zone Start: 50.0% (10/13)

Nothing too spectacular jumps out here. Doesn't seem to draw many penalties and was slightly positive in puck possession, but more or less in the middle of the pack in relation to his teammates. There wasn't any real extreme in his zone usage.

Butler's 36 game 10-11 season was pretty impressive. His 13.7% shooting percentage was high, but not any higher than his AHL or college numbers indicate. So he probably does have some real shooting talent. He also generated over 2 shots per game, which is very impressive for a rookie. In 11-12 his shooting percentage dipped to 7.0%, which might be the result of some poor luck since he's always been a good shooter. The disconcerting part is that his shot generation dropped to 1.5 shots per game.

Overall, I like this signing.
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