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08-09-2012, 04:37 PM
It's closing time.
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The lockout was always a lock if they didn't get a deal done by the time the CBA expired.

For me this is business and we got the team back in Winnipeg partially due to cost certainty born on the back of the last lockout so I look at this ugly process as a nessesary evil to ensure Winnipeg remains viable and can compete for a cup.

To be crystal clear I am not on the side of the players, I am not on the side of the owners, I am on the side of Winnipeg Jets owners and whatever "we need" in the CBA to keep our team long term and have a chance to win the cup......."us" vs. the other owners with divergent interests and players.

My hopes would be that both sides could get this done in time for the regular season but if they need time pressure (lock out) to insure my interests are protected then so be it. we spent 15 years in the wilderness and if it takes a few months of missed hockey every 8 to 10 years then so be it.

So here we are......pistols at dawn.....12 paces......may the best man win

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