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Originally Posted by Luck 6 View Post
This was a really dumb bump. You could bump virtually any poll from a year ago and the results would be different. Do this same poll now, and again a year from now, again different results. Why are you shocked by this enough to bump it? It's simple "what have you done for me lately" HFBoards logic.
No, not really. Kesler was ridiculously overrated last year in the first place. He hit 40 goals, mostly against non-playoffs teams and then had one good series against Nashville. Has he ever hit 30 outside of that? No.

I was actually shocked at the difference between Richards and Kesler to be honest, was my main reason for bumping this. There wasn't a huge difference between them last year and there's no difference between them now.

I don't really expect it to change either. Giroux's 3+ years younger than them and a significantly better player than either of them. Richards and Kesler won't come close to their career years ever again IMO.

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