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Originally Posted by Capitlols View Post
So according to you how should Machado be evaluated? A recent hot streak in Double-A is an indicator that he's ready for the show? Literally like a month ago he wasn't looking to good.

I mean if you want disregard batting average and errors, that leaves the fact that he's played two games at 3rd. It's asking alot for him to be put in that spot.
Once again, batting average is a relatively useless stat. The kid's got a .790 OPS in AA at age 19. There is one qualifying shortstop in the Major Leagues with an OPS > than .790.

A great pull from another board on errors:

ARod, 25 errors between three levels in '94, then 10 more in 51 games at AAA in '95. Edgar Renteria made at least 23 errors in each of his four full minor league seasons before debuting at 19 in the MLBs. Adrian Beltre made 79 errors in 304 minor league games before his teenage callup, including 37 in 121 games in '97. BJ Upton didn't stick at short in the long run, but he made 56, 35, and 53 errors in his age 18, 19, and 20 minor league seasons, then tacked on 28 more in a half a season at 21 for good measure.
And frankly, his promotion should only be based partly on stats. It should mostly be based on how he looks at the AA level. Whether he's showing good approach at the plate and a good feel for the strike zone; whether he's being overwhelmed by any of the pitching. And defensively, how much range he has, the strength of his throwing arm, how quickly he reads the ball of the bat.

Third base is easier defensively than shortstop if a player has the quick-twitch reflexes. There's not as much ground to cover, not as much responsibility, and more time to set up and throw.

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