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08-09-2012, 08:13 PM
It's closing time.
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Originally Posted by surixon View Post
That's exactly what he'll come back with its been his M.O. However Gary proved last time around that he can keep the owners inline and on the same page so Fehr has his work cut out from him, it won't be like MLB where he'll be able to divide the owners.

The owners will more than likely receive a bigger piece, not the 54 that their asking for but probably around 50%.
I agree Fehr will probably have some compelling revenue sharing ideas and it could all boil down to owners vs owner "VS" player vs players. Who's constituency has more solidarity? Last time it was the owners the time before that it was the players.......who wins the rubber match? Fehr and Bettman are both veterans at this game but they are only as strong as their respective camps.

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