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Originally Posted by Herby View Post
You bring up some good points. But those more fall on management and how to build a winning hockey team. But right now even the floor is way to high for many teams. Again, higher than the ceiling was only 5 years ago. That is not realistic, the players and their reps have to realize that.

Revenue sharing in the NHL is a bit trickier than in the NFL or NBA because of the lack of a monster national TV contract. A team like Philly or Toronto is hesitant to give up so much of their gate or local TV money to subsidize Florida or Phoenix.

Your argument about AEG owning Staples, while I understand where you are coming from, it's not really fair because they are run as two different entities. Sure in the big picture it's going to the same place, but in terms of accounting purposes they are different things. The NHL hockey club should not need concert or basketball revenue from their arena to stay out of the red.

And you can think otherwise, but most teams outside of the elite clubs I listed, have lost money post lockout, some to the point of declaring or being on the verge of declaring bankruptcy.

The conclusion is simple, the NHL can't be a successful and profitable league as it currently stands with 30 teams. The NHL should have 24 teams, Phoenix, Columbus and South Florida are axed right away. Then choose three from a group of Anaheim, Carolina, NJ, NYI, Nashville and Tampa.

If you want to blame the owners and Bettman for anything, blame them for the ridiculous rate of expansion in the 90's and 00's. Mostly so they could line their pockets with expansion fees. Since the NHL expanded in the early 90's to non-traditional markets like Miami and Anaheim there have been two different lockouts, one costing an entire season, and now we are on our way to a third one.
Herby, thanks for the insight. Though I may not agree with everything you post, you always base your discussions with facts and show you know your S***. Keep it up.

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