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Originally Posted by Thrice View Post
So what you're saying is the system that was dictated by the owners 8 years ago didn't actually work?

Here's a crazy idea that's worked for the NFL for 50 years: revenue sharing.
It's a little bit trickier than that.

The NFL TV contract is so much bigger than the NHL's it's hard to even grasp.

The NHL is going to get $200 mill a year from NBC, $2 billion over 10 years. The NFL gets $4 billion, with a B each season from it's TV contracts. Now in fairness I know the NHL also has a deal with TSN and CBC. But it's not going to dent this one at all.

Revenue sharing in the NFL consists of all the teams sharing boatloads of money, billions of dollars in profit, as the NFL is an institution in the United States.

The NHL revenue sharing would be Philadelphia, Toronto and teams like that subsidizing teams like Florida, Phoenix and Columbus.

It's a different ballgame.

And no, the system didn't work. But the owners honored it and got slaughtered. Just because they dictated the terms, doesn't mean they should blindly keep the status quo. The CBA is up and they have every right to try and fix it by negotiating a new one. If the players don't want to be realistic, they are more than welcome to go play in Europe or they can do what Roenick, Chelios and Hull did and sit on their ***** and ***** about it.

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