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08-09-2012, 08:56 PM
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Agent rant

walsha: Trust me when I tell you not 1 NHL player wants to be locked out. If it happens, look squarely at the NHL owners.
walsha: The owners got their deal last time with a salary cap, 24% rollback on all contracts+other major concessions.
walsha: I can tell you NHL players have always been reluctant to do anything to harm the game they love. Owners have always taken advantage of this.
walsha: Owners have always gone to the media and fans saying, "the players will kill the sport" while they demand major concessions from players.
walsha: NHL revenues are up 50% from the end of the lockout and the NHL's CBA proposal would rollback NHL salaries to 2002-03 levels.
walsha: The NHL has always used lower ticket prices to get fans on their side. Gary promised lower ticket prices in 2004-05.
walsha: The fact is ticket prices are governed by laws of supply and demand, they have no connection to player salaries.
walsha: If NHL gets everything they are demanding in CBA proposal, do you really believe ticket prices come down? Ha!
walsha: It would stand to reason if revenues up 50% and Gary's whole vision that players become "partners", player comp would be up as well.

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