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Originally Posted by rayuelo View Post
Everything you say makes real sense. I'm beginning to see the need for variations in technique depending on one's approach, the specific tactic you want to use with the goalie, etc.

Only thing you mentioned that I'm confused about though is the terminology ... everything else I've read says that the "snap shot" = quicker release than wrist shot.

Check this mini video by cammalleri. In the middle, he talks about two different shots at around 1:20. The "power" shot vs the quick release shot. In a game, you only have that small window to shoot the puck so really, it's a lot more rare to get that chance to get a full wind up to rip that shot. Most of the time you'll probably be able to get away with a quick release but if you get time and space that power shot can fool goalies too.. IMO just keep shooting both ways, get good at both and during the game you won't even need to think about what shot to use. it'll come naturally.

I'm not a great shooter myself but that's what i've been practicing.
1) bring the puck back to the shooting position
2) flexing the stick (loading)
3) accelerate across and towards your body
4) follow through with turning the wrists to guide the puck

practice each step separately and then put it all together slowly. Skating + shooting comes last because the fundamentals/technique will give you that velocity and accuracy to score. Last thing: keep your knees bent.

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