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Originally Posted by Congo View Post
Well...if you have an engineering degree, an accounting designation, or a chemistry degree right now you're laughing. The oil biz cannot get enough of you. If you have public relations, economics or statistics then you (like me) are competing with the recently released staff from the Fed gov't. And it is really hard to compete for jobs with someone with 2 Master's and 10+ years experience.

So, yeah, Alberta has loads and loads of jobs and this is a great time to be graduating, but only if you're graduating from the right program.
I'll agree with that. But it's not just the Petroleum, oil & gas industry, it's trades people, all service industry (even small public), as well as professionals. An economist can find a job, maybe not something ideal, but with the right experience, anything from project management to human resources or something. Alberta is being built in all sectors except federal. However teachers, police officers, and such things like fire fighters have trouble with jobs, only because everyone with an arts degree is pursuing them.

Obviously certain programs, such as the fine arts, are tough markets, but if you can't find a job in this province, then you won't find one in any province. IMO anyways.

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