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Originally Posted by Bengerm77 View Post
As a super noob, how do I know when my stick is too long? My stick is as tall as I am when I'm not in skates, but I feel like it's working fine for me. I'm terrible at puck handling, but I fancy myself a defenseman what with the poke check and whatnot. Whenever I play with my buddy's shorter stick (which I'll admit I've only done once) it's super weird and uncomfortable. Then again, everything I've read about stick lengths on the internet says my stick is too long. What say you internet?

Also, this is my first post.
It's sort of a matter of personal preference. Your stick is probably too long for most people, but if it's working for you, why change it? I find that I'm much more effective with a shorter stick (I cut mine so it's around my chin without skates) because it helps with my stickhandling and shooting mechanics, and has really improved my slapshot. As a super noob, your puckhandling is probably going to be terrible anyway. Once you get the basics down, try experimenting with different lengths. Eventually you'll get a good idea of what works best for you.

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