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08-09-2012, 11:24 PM
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Originally Posted by Hardyvan123 View Post
If there is too much emphasis on how players did against their peers how is it fair to guys who played in pre NHL times with various volatile leagues and little information, comparatively speaking left from those times compared to say a guy like Nieds who competes in fully integrated NHL with many top players being non Canadians.
It's absolutely fair to judge the players against their peers. It may be more difficult to obtain information about earlier years, but that's a practical issue rather than a conceptual one.

Originally Posted by Hardyvan123 View Post
In reality we had a project like the top 60 Dmen of all time that predetermined, for the most part, the outcome (of the top 60 but not the order) by the necessary inclusion of players from all time.
I'm still not understanding the objection to an all-time list necessarily considering players from all time. If it's an all-time list it must have players from all time.

Originally Posted by Hardyvan123 View Post
But the lists and thinking acted like the NHL was the same for both players, which is what I'm talking about with raising the bar.
If this is done, it's certainly a problem. A realization that the quality of the NHL is not constant over time is certainly necessary for fair comparisons. But that's nothing inherent in modern players having the bar raised, that's just failing to consider a factor appropriately. And I daresay it's not everyone who does this.

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