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08-10-2012, 01:22 AM
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Originally Posted by iain fyffe View Post
talent level or skill level? Sorry to keep harping on it, but it's really the whole point in this line of discussion. Players are certainly better trained, but that's not a point against historic players because if they played today, they would also have access to that training.

Only things that cannot be explained by differing levels of training, equipment, strategies etc. Should be considered when comparing players from different times. Modern players have better sticks. So what? If an older player was playing today, he'd use a modern stick. Modern players have advanced training techniques. Again, so what? If he were playing today he'd have access to that too.

This is the modern player bias. Holding things against historic players which they had no control over. Today's players are better, but can you demonstrate that's because of anything other than improved conditioning, equipment and training? That a historical player would not be just as good playing today, relatively speaking, because all these things would be available to him?

(note that this is different than the o6 bias. That's a separate issue.)

This is the entire point many make around here and have yet to see anything resembling a valid counter to it. Usually it's just ignored and skipped over.
Watch, it'll happen again.

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