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Originally Posted by thepuckmonster View Post
Well, I'm fairly well known round these here parts but I'll give 'er anyhow.

I'm thepuckmonster, also known as Caley, also known as the chick that made the superhero Canucks photoshops. I'm 23 and a recent chemistry graduate with high ambitions of prestigious med schools and such. I've been a Canucks fan since I was 5, when I first saw Bure play (despite growing up in a Leafs crazy household). I'd consider myself one of the biggest homers I know, and am in the current process of actively converting my Blackhawks fan boyfriend over to the dark side. It's going quite well, if I do say so myself. My secondary team is Philly, because apparently I love the teams other fan bases love to hate. Spread the love, haters. I have a penchant for gin and sarcasm, and and my dog is my trusted partner in crime.

I'm pretty tight with Zombotron on the boards, I think it's his horse head that really solidifies the BFF status.

My favorite Canuck of all time is obviously Bure or Linden, but as for the current roster it's a three way tie between Higgins, Hansen and Schneider.

PPS: I just got a spiffy iPad so please people, tell me some cool apps or what for it. I'm an Apple newbie.
Wait, you're a girl?

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