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08-10-2012, 05:02 AM
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Originally Posted by Deaner View Post
From 19 to 29, I was a treeplanter, having worked in Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, Alberta and mostly BC. Did one helicopter-access job just outside of Carey Price's hometown of Anahim Lake, and hot-damn was it ever rocky there. One of the worst gigs of my career. Worked for 16 companies, planted 1.4 million trees - at an average spacing of 2.3 metres, that's the equivalent of planting a straight line from Montreal to the Saskatchewan/Alberta border. I always encourage everyone I talk about this with to use an extra square of toilet paper, on me. And I never worked more than 121 days in a year. All told, a fabulous lifestyle if you don't mind a meagre and filthy existence. Got to work outside, earn exactly what I put in to the job (piece-work) and saw so, so much of this beautiful, vast country. I stepped away when I ceased to have to inclination to bend over 2000-4000+ times a day.
Sometimes, when I have stared into the laptop looking for an answer for 12 straight hours having had too much coffee, I wish I was doing something like that instead.
Really cool story!

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