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08-10-2012, 07:32 AM
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Originally Posted by RangerBoy View Post

Bettman is a terrible negotiator. Every time he negotiates a CBA,he wants a new CBA the next time. The owners can't play another year with this CBA which Gary negotiated. Not a few tweaks. A whole new CBA. Maybe Gary is the problem. Third lockout. Third lockout. Third lockout. This is the same clown who couldn't figure out why everyone was expecting a lockout to happen in September. He told that to Mike Francesa during the playoffs. Why is everyone so down about the CBA expiring? Its all speculation. The NFL had 1 labor stoppage since 1987. MLB has negotiated 3 CBA's with any lockouts or strikes. Labor peace since 1995. The NBA had a lockout in 1998 and 2011. They played 1/2 a season in 99 and 12. They had a new CBA in 2005 without any trouble. Bettman always has an issue.
Adding fuel to the fire. This is pretty off base. Don't get me wrong, I hate Gary, and think he's a terrible commissioner who's screwed the Rangers specifically on many occasions, but I think you're post is pretty ignorant.

Besides the MLB, the other sports have trouble negotiating the CBA's for the most part. The reason is simple - it's difficult to predict what the economy will look like 8 years into the future. You try and lets see how on point you are in 2020. The economy was extremely fickle in 2004, no one knew what direction it would go in, and thus it was difficult to negotiate a CBA as owners tried to prepare for the worst and the players absolutely refused to cave in. In 2012, we've already been through a few recessions, and who knows where it will turn. Some owners can barely fill in venues and afford to keep their teams in general. Similarly, players of this league are the lowest paid out of any sport and to get paid any lower would be an embarrassment. While there seems to be some sort of level of economic stability this time around that wasn't evident in 2004, owners are still trying to prepare for the worst.

Here is where Bettman is to blame. He expanded too rapidly and not strategically enough. He was too ambitious without thinking ahead of what future complications there might be. Putting the NHL in PHO, ATL, Florida, CLB, etc?! Clearly the fan support in those areas will not be as great as it is in other areas. However, the owners of those teams still want to remain as profitable as the owners of Montreal, Vancouver, NY, and Chi for example. And now, with the possibility of another economic recession, and the greater likelihood that an owner of a small market franchise will have trouble maintaining his team - let alone being profitable, means that the owners of those franchises will try their hardest to make this CBA structured for them. Realize that there are more owners in the league with economic instability than ones who are financially secure and you'll see that there are just too many of them to be able to have a CBA negotiated quickly.

As for Bettman, i'm not blaming him for negotiating a new CBA every 8 years. I'm blaming him for being an idiot in general, who only saw the pros and didn't understand the cons when he expanded the league to where he did. He's an agent of the owners. They pay his salary, he's THEIR mediator. He'll act as their spokesperson during any CBA negotiation. They might have hired a ****** commissioner, but in the end, no matter what he does, the owners as a collective will force a new CBA to be made, even if it does mean a lockout.

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