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08-10-2012, 07:48 AM
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Originally Posted by Riot View Post
Sure you can. I'm sure he'll keep throwing on his off days regardless. You could give him a 3 inning start in the waning days of the season if we've got it shored up if you feel like you must.
That's not shutting him down. When you shut a pitcher down, he stops throwing. Completely.

Originally Posted by Capitlols View Post
It really comes down to two things for me. He has very limited experience at 3rd and it looked as though he was finding his groove at double-a, so why call him up? Machado is someone I would like to bring along slowly and I don't think it's even necessary to call him up right now. I really don't want him to be another promising prospect that flames out.
You call him up now because he's confident right now. They're hoping to cash in on his hot streak.

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