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Originally Posted by LyricalLyricist View Post
Fair enough. If a CA makes 37-38k starting, how much does a regular undergrad accountant make starting?
In a CA firm, undergrads are hired part time (summer jobs usually) and are paid 20$ per hour about.

When I say a CA makes 37-38K, I mean a CA student who completed is 3 years (BAA) and is ready to write the UFE (exam to become a CA). Technically, a CA as is title which implies passing the UFE and having 2 years of experience. So once a CA, you're probably looking at 50K, but that's after 6 years, 3 years for your BAA, 1 more for the CA program to be able to write the UFE + 2 years of working experience.

The CA route is particular and different then other professional fields.

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