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Originally Posted by Adamcrazy3 View Post
I have a question regarding those cocktails.. what should I talk about?? I have no work experience.. I'm a genius though.. is that enough to get a job in one of the BIG 4??
Where to start?

First, do you really want to go to a big 4? There's the big 4, then the nice medium size firms and than the small firms. They each are different in many ways, so choosing where you want to be should be your first question. I find that universities are biased towards the big 4 (many teachers are from there) and they do a louzy job of explaining what's out there and what's waiting for you guys.

Don't want to reveal where I work, but I'm not at a big 4, I'm in a big 6 (so I'm either at BDO or RCGT ). A nice International medium size firm, which is completely different than a big 4, in so many ways.

I recommend going to a few firm tours. Go to at least a small, a medium and a big one, just being there, you will feel a difference in the culture of the organizations. Working with 700 other people is very different than working with 200 (medium firms) or 50 (small firms).

Come up with your top 3 to 5 place you would like to go and concentrate on those firms. The more we see you, the more chances you have of being hired. I hire about 5 to 8 people at that time and we get over 400 applications, so yes, you have to stand out! A firm that sees you at the cocktail and at its firm tour will get to know you better.

No working experience is not a must, but definetly a plus. Students with experience than to do better when they start. Plus, if 2 individuals are equal in terms of competence on their CVs, the one with working experience will get the edge.

Firms are not looking for "accountants". We are in client service industry, so you need to have a nice personality also. Someone outgoing and friendly with good grades is more valuable to me than the accounting nerd with amazing grades and no personality.

I have to leave now, but I will write more later.

Cheers and good luck!

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