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N.H.L.F.A (National Hockey League Fan Association (Would You Join)

After hearing that negociations are going south and the start of the season could be in jeapordy (suprise suprise)... I am tired of it!

It's time that we as fans orginize ourselves and use our collective numbers to influece the game that we all love!

Forget that you're a Montreal, Chicago, Toronto etc.... fan. This is about HOCKEY!

So here are a few questions:

Would pay a small amount of money (say $5) to be part of the orginization?

What would be our mission statement?

Could we help the negociations (not this year but in future years by monitoring the situtation and making sure that both sides are negociating in good faith)?

I would love to hear some ideas; one thing for sure, even if we could get 10% of hockey fans to join we would have some clout and probably scare the you know what out of the owners and the commisioner!

What both the NHLPA and the Owners count on is our apathy.... they know we'll moan and groan and then come back because we are fans..... they are counting on it! Well it's high time we had a voice at the table since NOTHING works without the fans!

I would respectfully ask MODS to post this inital thread one each of teams boards to get an overall reaction or point them to this thread with just the title on their respective boards

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