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08-10-2012, 09:31 AM
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Originally Posted by leeroggy View Post
Does anyone on this board have any insight on what:

1) Has been offered to date?

2) Vancouver has asked for?

The thing to remember in all this is that what he is worth is not the important factor, it is how do you dump that contract? The value of dumping the contract before free agency was even greater than it is now. Vancouver waited too long, now they are likely stuck for awhile with Luongo on the roster. And the offer prices FALL with time as the team looks more desperate to solve the issue. The sleeper issue on this is what happens to team chemistry if the trade is not made and Schneider is not the starter? Will the locker room splinter into Luongo and Schneider factions?

Why even play with that? Take the second round pick and MOVE ON!

I am an Islander fan and watched this play out during the Stanley Cup run. We had both Chico Resch (the VERY popular number one) with Billy Smith backing him up. Resch was the long time starter until the first cup in 1980 when Smith took over (not unlike Schneider taking over late this year without the win) In order to send the message to the team that Smith would be the number one going forward they dealt Resch to Colorado in a trade that was pretty lopsided for Colorado. It wasn't the most popular trade with the fans or the teammates but it SETTLED THE ISSUE going forward. You need to do the same thing. I'm sure there are other instances in NHL history where the same thing occurred. Luongo's pride will not allow him to sit on the bench without it emotionally getting to him.
Why are you getting mad at us? Send a letter to Gillis explaining why he should take a 2nd for Luongo. We as fans are perfectly within or rights to expect a decent return for arguably the 3rd best player on our team.

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