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08-10-2012, 10:16 AM
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Originally Posted by Foy View Post
Japan didn't play extra time in their last game, and Japan didn't have to travel immediately after. Those are both big things that helped the US. When both teams were running on pure adrenaline, the US dominated the first 15 minutes, but once the US's extra tired legs set in, you could really tell.

As far as formation, the rumor is that when Sydney Leroux is ready to play full time they are going 3-4-3.
Three in the back is a bad idea for this team. Such thoughts suggest that they are aware of their deficiencies regarding quality defenders and thus will rather lean towards having the best players on the pitch than the right positional players out there.

On a side note, it was interesting to go over the the Canucks board and read some of their comments about the Olympics and more specifically the US/Canada match. Understandably they were none too pleased with the outcome and the refereeing. What suprised me most though is the lack of knowledge and understanding of the laws of the game by those commenting. Vancouver I would think would have some knowledgeable folks about the game, they did have a team in the NASL sometime ago. But to be fair, most players/coaches and spectators have never read the laws of the game. A few years ago I was the center referee for a U-19 girls game in a tournament. When I had the captains come out for the coin toss, one of the ladies noticed the brand name on my jersey (LawFive). At the time Law Five was a maker of soccer referee uniforms along with the likes of Official Sports and later on Addidas (believe the have the MLS contract). The captain for this U-19 team (which was a show case team of players who just about all were going on to play Div. 1 soccer) asked what Law Five was. I was a bit taken back and asked her along with the other captains how many laws were there in soccer. None of them had any idea and they all had been playing the game since they were age 6. I explained that Law Five was the Law that specifically dealt with referees and their responsibilities. I also recommended to them that they all should become certified referees as they would be able to earn some money on the side as well as it would make them better players as they would have a better understanding of the game and what referees are looking for.

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