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08-10-2012, 10:17 AM
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Originally Posted by Hobnobs View Post
That line is seriously underrated. Maybe its because no historian bothers to stream KHL and watch the games and/or still have a bias vs. players outside of the NHL.
Not sure how watching KHL games in a vacuum gives you any idea what caliber these guys are.

As I saw it, the reaction North Americans had to the KHL line's perceived failure was one of schadenfreude. We had been told over and over again that with an infusion of oil money, the KHL was going to take professional hockey in Russia—I don't remember ever hearing that the RSL was comparable to the NHL—and bring it to a level where it could compete for the best players in the world. And even though they managed to get exactly 2 players who were seriously talented, young and part of an NHL teams plans (Radulov and Hudler), to go along with several older stars and more marginal players, the whole operation was hyped as being serious competition for the world's best hockey league. To us, inviting the KHL players that the Russian Olympic team did over several good Russian NHLers (I believe Frolov was one), looked like they were trying to prove a point about how good their league was. And then...

But anyway, the point is that no one is going to judge how certain KHL players stack up against the world's best by watching KHL games. We can judge guys who have regularly ferried back and forth, like Radulov, Hudler, Jagr, Morozov, by their play in both leagues, and we can take the small samples we've seen of them in international play for what that is. But watching a guy like Zinvoiev tear up the KHL only proves anything if you assume for the get go that it's a top-level league...or possibly find some evidence that it actually is.

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