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08-10-2012, 10:19 AM
Stewie Griffin
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Having no season would kill the NHL in the States - just when it's starting to gain some momentum again. If a season is lost, I know enough casual fans in Canada who will basically say "F--- this!", and spend their time / money elsewhere when the NHL comes back.

Whether the players get 45% or 57%, it won't matter - if we lose a season (or even part of a season) the NHL will be lucky to get a TV contract with anyone south of the border, and HRR will end up dropping to 2005 levels.

The worst part of this is the NHLPA knows this, and based off Bettman's comments they may well play hardball - and hold the season ransom as a result.

If ANOTHER season is lost under Bettman's watch, I will be flabbergasted if he remains employed longer than 12 months...


Back on topic, the way the Flames have started the last few seasons, a shortened season will mean we have a high draft pick after starting 7-13-6 for the first half... A cancelled season would suck major bum, but yeah it would have a silver lining of the chance of a higher draft pick - however, keep in mind that Calgary had three balls in the lotto last time it happened, and we picked pretty low.

So my preference is for the business **** to be sorted out late September so we can have a full season.

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