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08-10-2012, 10:23 AM
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Originally Posted by AfricanHerbsman View Post
Im down for anything that lands us couturier but meszaros is out for the whole season basically so id prefer a different d man coming back. id take pretty much any on else except kimmo.
The whole idea of taking back Meszaros is that it is a no cost move for either team and is a direct benefit for both teams. Philadelphia frees up a contract for a player they would have to sit on, which is a benefit and a reasonable cost to Calgary for the inclusion of Couturier. Calgary eats the long term contract, and assumes the cap hit, but is given immediate cap relief based on injury status. The Flames can still go out and grab a middle of the road defender, or even give an opportunity to one of their kids, and be no worse off now or in the long run. Eating Meszaros as part of the trade is a risk, but one worth taking to acquire a player with big potential in the middle.

I actually think this deal makes sense and is sort of similar to the Staal deal, where the Pens got back a lesser center, but one that fits in their lineup long term. The Flyers give up a center with top end potential, but they get one back with 2nd or 3rd line ability and one that fits nicely in with their existing centers. The Flyers would still have Briere, Giroux, Schenn and Backlund as their centers, and then have Bouwmeester on the blueline. They don't lose anything in their center depth except the high end potential, which Couturier may never have a chance to fulfill playing behind Briere, Giroux and Schenn. After the acquisition of Luke, it is obvious the Flyers are going to be sticking with Brayden, making Couturier the odd man out.

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