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08-10-2012, 10:32 AM
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Originally Posted by cassius View Post
You don't become one of the most successful musical artists ever without being talented. Whether you like the guy or not, there is no denying he is talented and has worked very hard. Plain and simple.

Just because you don't like a certain kind of music doesn't mean that everyone else should have that belief.

Music taste is subjective at the end of the day.

That person who got all those "likes" on Facebook for posting the diatribe against Nicki Minaj? To them, it's probably the highlight of their life.

To Nicki Minaj? She is busy inking multi-million dollar sponsorship deals with Pepsi, raking in millions of dollars per year, and boarding a lot of private jets. I think she'll just be fine.
Just because someone is popular (Lil Wayne) doesn't make them any good.

Gangstarr (Guru), Most members of the Wu Tang, Biggie, Eminem, Big L, Nas, AZ, Slug, Biggie, Pac, Big Pun, etc. These are all talented lyricists. Lil Wayne? Lol...Doesn't even belong in the same conversation. I'd even throw Styles P into the conversation of rappers who make Lil wayne look like a joke.

He's mainstream garbage.

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