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08-10-2012, 10:44 AM
We don't need one!
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Sixers weren't going to go too far anyway so the Bynum trade is a very nice move on their part. Yeah it's risky since he may not resign but it was a necessary risk IMO.

As far a Brickadola....I think this comment on sums up his stint here...our teams seem to do this. We did it with Richards and Carter but Sixers really went overboard with Iggy and did a diservice to him and the team...

This is a good trade for the Sixers, I think. Bynum's ceiling is very high, and he is approaching his prime.
However, I want to say this about Iguodala - the 76ers are more to blame for the fans dissatisfaction with him than he is. The 76ers marketing him as a franchise centerpiece, someone to build a team around. That is like marketing Iverson as an Assist man and someone to create for his teammates. You cannot make someone they are not. Iguodola is a GREAT complimentary player. He is a shutdown defender, plays offensively above the rim, and moves without the basketball. If you have a Big Man and a scorer, than Iguodala will flourish as the 3rd option. But marketing him as a franchise player is kinda like marketing George Lynch as a franchise player. He was a great role player, but he was never someone to build a team around.

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