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08-10-2012, 12:23 PM
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Originally Posted by totalkev View Post
If it's obvious to the players that the owners just want to save the Winter Classic, then that's quite a bit of leverage for the NHLPA, right? And the fact that the owners killed a season to get the current CBA that they now cannot survive another season with, is also another huge chunk of leverage for the players.

Yet, here we are.

Why? Because 2004-05 proved something to the owners. It proved that they could kill and entire season and come back stronger than ever. Despite all the "another lockout will kill the casual fan base" talk, it just simply isn't true. The fans come back stronger than ever every time.

The owners aren't milking the players. They're milking the fans. And when it's all done, they'll put "Thank you fans" on the ice and everything will be forgiven.

If we really want this dance to stop, we need to stop caring. Stop buying 10,000 "NASH" jerseys within 24 hours of this trade to the Rangers. Stop buying season tickets for a season that probably won't happen. The fans are the problem here. Not the owners and not the players. We've allowed that to happen.
I'd like for the fans to boycott the Winter Classic, but that simply isn't going to happen. There's no way Detroit isn't going to support their home team, and we all know that the Toronto fans will want to see the first Winter Classic they are involved in.

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