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08-10-2012, 11:35 AM
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Originally Posted by Ohashi_Jouzu View Post
Haha, that's right. I remember now.
Tell me you've gotten down to Kagoshima, Sakurajima and Miyazaki, or gone to the top of Mt. Aso. The onsens in Beppu? I assume you've done Nagasaki, given how close it is. If not, make time next time you go back for some of that stuff.
Forgot about this question. I've been to onsens (for Japan non-experts: resorts with natural hot spring baths) a few times, including my honeymoon. I think that it was in Gunma prefecture. I don't remember where exactly, because my wife did the booking. It was awesome though, our own onsen bath, outside (facing a cliff with no inhabitants, only trees in late November, full of colors). Every meal was brought to our room by the innkeeper, who also grilled fish right there, as I recall, for every meal. Those of you who have never been to Japan have no idea how relaxing this is. Repeated onsen baths just make you into putty.

I also remember driving up the mountain to get there, in my Subaru Vivio : a Kei car - a special designation in Japan with a limit on the displacement of the engine, 1600 ccs I think as well as on the span of the wheel base, i.e.: very small. This car was well made, and as a hatchback could be configured to put in a lot of luggage, but the engine really had trouble making it up those hills. It was like going up a mountain in a moped .

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