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08-10-2012, 11:43 AM
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Really excited about this new subforum.

I'm really interested in whether or not the new movement toward hockey metrics can identify higher volume, more frequently occurring improvement-type metrics. A lot of the focus right now seems to be on post-hoc evaluation (i.e., over the course of five seasons, which events counted most in the win-loss regression analysis). I'm curious about whether or not those events can be further broken down into smaller events that happen during a game so that player evaluation can happen in the moment. If we know that shots lead to goals, then what leads to shots? Then what leads to those things that lead to shots, and what skill development is necessary to ensure those things occur with more frequency.

I think analytics have the potential to be a huge coaching tool in addition to a player evaluation tool. I feel like most are currently geared toward, say, a GM who is concerned with a player's past performance, whether it will continue into the future, and whether he can get good value for that player if he brings him on his roster. I'd like to see another branch start up that is geared toward, say, a coach who wants to understand how his players are doing right now in the areas that most lead to net goal production.

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