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08-10-2012, 02:11 PM
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Originally Posted by Herby View Post
Again. I don't understand this thinking at all, they are the business owners. They signed a seven year deal, they honored the deal and many of them were massacred.

What obligation do they have to keep this current CBA when it is literally bankrupting certain franchises and causing even larger markets like LA and Dallas to be in red ink?

The players were compensated extraordinarily well in this CBA.
that's what i meant with my previous post.

It seems like the players have more of a chance to walk away smelling like roses in a lot of these CBA negotiations. They get money always just comes down to how much. So they hold out, and end up getting what they want. They walk away getting paid and feeling good...maybe the fans are mad, but hey they are getting what they want.

A lock out is really THE ONLY threat owners have against players.

It seems that people are more willig to say "stuff it GMS/Owners" this time around because they got the deal they wanted last time.

Well the deal they wanted had lots of loopholes that were exploited, and guess what? The players still got paid. A bad deal for the NHLPA = players getting paid. A good deal for the NHLPA = the players getting paid.

it's extremely different and the main reason I think the owners should have a big say in CBA..because

a bad deal for the owners = bankrupt teams, inflated market, unsustainable market.
a good deal for the owners = NHL thrives

Yea the owners had a huge say last time and dictated, and they made a mistake. Okay. Everyone sees that, and now they are trying to correct it. I am okay with that. Trial and error, learn and move on. But who is standing in the way? The NHLPA.

It's why i seriously hate unions. They can strong arm their way to things they want basically and still get paid regardless. None of these guys are going to go hungry walking away from a CBA deal, however owners and GMS, like those in Phoenix and New Jersey are going to struggle.

I think when it comes to monetary negotiations the players should have little to no say, but obviously when it comes to the health and safety, and rules....quality of travel...things pertaining TO THE GAME...players should have more say then general manager and owners NO DOUBT.

But these days it just seems like every player in these NHLPA/NHL negotiation is trying to play owner and accountant. When honestly, all they should be worrying about is the game.

After all, they don't have to worry about the books and the bottom line during the season, all they have to worry about is the game. So why make the books and the bottom line part of the off-season ********?

pisses me off. Unions.....

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