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Originally Posted by Guy Boucher View Post
What I meant is that, when a player is on the radar for a long time, his weaknesses become more apparent than that of other players. Scouts begin to nitpick his weaknesses. The same thing happened to Couturier and happens to many players.

In terms of his defensive game, there's no doubt that it is very weak. It can be improved, but right now, it well below average compared to the other top-5 to 8 potential first rounders.
Yes, that's what I thought you meant and it's a BS excuse IMO.

There are manyyyyy top players over the years who have been "on the radar" for a longgg time and they still went #1.

As for his D game, ya........I know it's a crazy thing that a 16 year old rookie playing against 18-20 year olds can look weak in his own end at times

However, give the +/- stat whatever credit you want, but he was 2nd on his team last year with that stat in the regular season and 1st on his team in the playoffs. That's once again pretty good for a 16 year old.

Seriously though, scouts picking at #1 don't give a rats ass if he looks weak defensively at times. He is supposed to at 16, so did Crosby.
As for your claim that he is below average for the other top prospects.... come off it, it just seems like you are digging for reasons to go against the grain.

Neither you or I have watched all of these kids enough to make a fair judgement on that.....

So in conclusion.... 16 year old leads team in points in reg season and 2nd in +/-.

16 year old leads team in points and +/- for the playoffs and leads his team to the Semi's.

He finishes in 4th for playoff scoring for the Q and only loses to 4 St.John Sea Dogs who absolutely racked up points smoking teams 10-1 for the first 2-3 rounds.

On top of it, if you watch this kid he has skating and acceleration that is second to none, and top it all off with solid hands and vision.
Oh ya, and he is one of the youngest in his draft class as well.

I think you need to learn more about this guy before saying he won't be going #1.

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