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Originally Posted by Habaneros View Post
The fans got to take back the i said long time ago, EVERY TIME it is the leauge or players STRONG ARMING ........locking out FANS who pay them the MONEY ....

The fans need to FLEX THERE MUSCLE FINALLY.....

Who is really the BOSS? it is not the players or Bettmen

IF fans in TORONTO and Montreal and NY boycotted the NHL games, you would see major action .
Boycott in these cites would be fine because it would not jeopardize these teams leaving the city,and there the top earning clubs, so hitting right where it gets big attention fast.

All this "we doubled revenue" crap since last lockout CAME off the fans backs and when they do come back from another strike revenue will double again in next 5 years ,cause ticket prices will just keep getting jacked.

the players and leauge are arguing over fans money, the fans should have a voice to argue to keep these guys in LINE or to reduce prices,otherwise where does ticket price stop? $1000 a game?

My team finishes last ,yet ticket prices still go up for next season? it isn't right .

WHY not a fan boycott in Toronto Montreal and NY,demanding ticket prices go down 25% ....wouldn't that wake up some people
You can't force people to not go watch NHL games. For that same reason the buildings would be sold out even with your little boycott. The poor SOBs are going to boycott the bell center but those who can afford to pay will gladly go in their stead. These ticket prices are overpriced for what you get, yes, but sporting events are not essential goods and they are all sold anyways so technically they are correctly priced. So the rich have easier access to the game than the poor but thats what happen when you have multi million fanbases and 21 000 seats per game.

Professional hockey is a business and a business has to maximize revenue. The offer (number of seats to sell troughout the year) is limited by the size of the arena so they are going to get priced according to the disproportionate demand vs offer that exists in NY, TO and MON. Sadly 60 000 seat arenas are neither practical nor realistic because of obvious reasons, so we can't do like soccer teams and sell tens of thousands of cheap tickets. Righteous fans should remember that owners don't buy these franchises hundreds of millions out of wanton generosity. If they want to be generous they'll use the money for charity instead of letting customers willing to pay 100s of $ for hockey game watch for free

Originally Posted by HarryHabs
It's pretty cute.

I'll reiterate what I sad few weeks ago. If there is any form of lockout this year, I will not spend any money on the Habs or anything NHL for at least the next year.

**** it. I have better things to do than watch big inflated egos against big inflated egos.
Same. The fan association idea is pretty stupid. If it ever took off it would be a puppet thingie controlled by Bettman and used as a marketing gimmick. If theres a lockout than fans should simply not care about the NHL and not buy stuff. Its gonna cost them a lot and its alright. They are fools and should pay for that.

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