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08-10-2012, 02:45 PM
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Originally Posted by centrehice View Post
Having the most PIMs is not that crazy considering he has the most ice time of any player on the habs, is still VERY young, and has already got a reputation and is watched more closely because of it.
Most minors IN THE LEAGUE. Not the habs. Well, yes the Habs as well. But the LEAGUE. Two years running. By a significant amount.

Originally Posted by centrehice View Post
He's also very good defensively. You think he would be out on the PK, and playing a ton of regular str minutes under J. Martin, if he wasn't good in his own end? You need to remember the last 2 years, he was a 21-22 year old.
Saying his points aren't "#1D worthy" and his hit/blocked shot stats COULD BE BETTER, are not flaws. He's a young defenseman nowhere near his prime, and already playing #1D minutes.
Given who the rest of Montreal's defense is, yes. And he does not play the most minutes when you take away PP time.

His points are not anything spectacular, and offense is what most Subban-lovers point to. If his offense isn't top-pairing worthy, and nothing else is top-pairing worthy except for his ice time, he is not a top-pairing defenseman.

For the amount of ice time he gets, and the hype he gets, his hits and blocked shots are worse than "could be better".

Also, I'd say he is pretty close to his prime. 23 years old, and already given every opportunity imaginable.

Originally Posted by centrehice View Post
Maybe you should stick with your scouting reports on Komisarek's positive trade value.
Way to take something from another thread entirely. Maybe I should follow around your posts too.

Komisarek doesn't have good trade value, but it is not negative. He would have value to some teams in the NHL. That is all I said, and it has nothing to do with the current discussion.

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