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08-10-2012, 04:15 PM
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Originally Posted by jskramer83 View Post
Its a fairly aggressive response to Bettman's lockout comment by saying, "you think you can lock us out fine we will find somewhere else to play we don't need you". It also opens up the door for a "who needs who more" battle which can get very ugly.

Pressure is squarely on the owners now, what gives Fehr the ability to do this is the emergence of the KHL as a hockey power. The owners should be very careful here because the KHL can offer players a place to play and make good money. While the threat is just to play some exhibition games, it is a good way to remind the owners and Bettman that the NHL is no longer the only option.

AHHH "Fear of Loss" what a great sales tactic!
I would assume most north american hockey players would probably pick leagues like swedish elite league over the KHL, if there is a lockout.

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