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08-10-2012, 03:19 PM
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Originally Posted by ORYX View Post
At this point i'd say that looks more admirable then building championship teams via illegal recruiting techniques.

I'd rather finish last in the race, then first and get caught doping. It's called integrity, of which at the moment, Windsor lacks.

You said I was trolling before, which I wasnt, But i'm removing myself from this thread because you Windsor fans failure to even acknowledge that your team did what is being stated by the league, and simply throwing other teams and fan bases under the bus, blaming everyone but your management is truely pathetic and asinine.

Make yourself feel better because you won a couple championships, but I bet you werent even a fan before they changed ownership and started getting good. Remember the good o'l days of being the bottom dweller?

Pete's franchise history is far better then your own. Becareful walking into the WFCU this year, your heads may not fit through the doors.
COM ' ON MAN give your head a shakeyou actually believe whats going out of your mouth right now ..... no one in there right mind wants to belast

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