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Originally Posted by spfan View Post
I'm a big fan of young players and I follow them years before hitting the NHL. I'm a huge fan of the draft and everything, but Duchene and Couture will not be selke caliber players like Bergeron is. This wasn't Bergerons first good year either. Perhaps he'll never win a selke again, but you can bet on him being in the top 10 every year at the very least. Seguin is the only one I see that could get close, but even still not as good(in terms of defense). It doesn't matter a whole lot for their offensive abilities because they're not going to get 18-20 mins and won't get any PP time. A lot of their mins will come from shutting down the other teams and playing the PK. I trust Bergeron a lot more on the PK than I ever would for Couture, Duchene and even Seguin.

A side note, for young players(since you believe I discriminate young players), by 2018 I would most likely have Sean Couturier on my 3rd or 4th line. HE is someone who will be THAT good defensively and offensively as well too.

My point was, St Louis also makes Stamkos look good. You think Stamkos would have reached 60 goals without an elite playmaker? Without St Louis, I bet he would of "only" got 45 goals. Eberle doesn't benefit from TWO 1st overall picks?
Since you take the big ice into the equation so much, I don't know what you have against St Louis, who is a better skater than 99% of the league. As I said, Eberle is quite slow considering his below average size. Eberle isn't going to become a Selke winner either btw.

E.Kane just scored 30 goals in 74 games. Likely to hit 40 goals next year or the year after. He's also good defensively and 1 of the more physical players in the league. Much better complete game and much better suited for a bottom 6 role than Duchene, Seguin, Couture. Also, since he's a very good skater, there's no reason he shouldn't make Team Canada.

Perry just scored 37 goals and got 50 goals and 98 points the year before. Again, Couturue, Seguin, Duchene won't even top that offensively. Perry is better defensively than them now and a year and a half from now, MAYBE they'll be even. He's than thnot a bad skater either and is much more physical em too. He could play any role too. E.Kane and Perry are both locks in my opinion.
I hope to God he is; I would so buy that jersey.

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