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08-10-2012, 03:58 PM
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I did find this video which basically shows what I am trying to do, I just really don't understand the mechanics of it I guess. I just end up doing a hockey stop instead of maintaining momentum and getting moving backwards.

In fact, it is just this drill that my coach was working with us on, and of course, I was struggling mightily with. I am still learning it all(age 43, 5 months on skates, hockey classes with scrimmages, etc). I work at defenseman or center usually, as I am trying to figure out where I feel most comfortable. The skills use is obvious at defenseman, but I even find myself needing it more at center I think. There are times I move down with an attack and need to quickly pull up in front of the crease and back off into a position to handle a rebound or deflection. I end up doing option #1 that you mentioned earlier(like a dog chasing his tail) or a total stop and then shuffling around to move back. This is way too slow though and I end up being out of position/late to where I want to be.

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