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Originally Posted by mistrhanky View Post
I have been digging around on youtube looking for a good video on how to transition between a forward skate to a backskate that changes directions 180 degrees. Not doing a mohawk and continuing in the same direction, but continuing to face forward while reversing direction. Most of the videos all want to show the same direction/pivot to backwards skating technique. I can do that one, but I need to be able to reverse my direction without turning my back on the attacker. Total newb obviously. Are there any good instructional videos anyone would recommend?
your question is a bit unclear, can you clarify. What do you mean by turning your back to the attacker?

Ideally you should already be facing the attacker when he's attacking (pivot at the opposition blue line/centre ice red line).

If he's going to get past you, you're going to have to pivot and chase him down while skating forwards. There's no other way to turn without switching your body position.

Perhaps you can only pivot turn one way? You can pivot turn facing your opponent if you can pivot turn both right and left.

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